CFP® Certification

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CFP® certification is a globally recognized credential and is currently certified in 25 countries and regions. The CFP® certification is granted only to the individuals who possess higher professional competency and rigorous ethics based on the "4 Es" and the "6-Step Process" standards for financial planning practices. JAFP is licensed to certify the certification under an agreement with the FPSB (Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.) in Japan.

CFP® Certification Requirement


There are two pathways to fulfill the education requirement to sit for the CFP® certification examination; one is to complete an AFP certification program that is offered by JAFP registered educational institutions and obtain the AFP certification; and, the other is to complete a CFP® certification education program at Masters level for two years, that is offered by JAFP registered universities. Addition to the prior education requirement, once a person successfully passes the CFP® certification examination (a candidate), he/she is required to complete the "Practice and Ethics Program for CFP® certification(e-learning)" prior to the certification is granted.

Continuing Education

CFP® certificants are required to complete 30 credit hours every two years which consist at least three subjects in the area of "Professional Practice and Ethics" and the topics based on the "Study Guide" that is established by JAFP. Continuing education is offered through "My Page", which is the JAFP's Members Only website, Journal of Financial Planning, and by the registered educational institutions.


To obtain CFP® certification, one is required to pass the CFP® certification examinations that consist of 6 subjects (serial exam). These 6 subjects are: "Financial Asset Planning", "Real Estate Investment Planning", "Life Planning and Retirement Planning", "Risk and Insurance", "Tax Planning", and "Estate and Business Succession Planning". Each examination is two hours long, and three subjects are tested each day for two days. Examinations may be taken one subject at a time. Examination fee is 5,500 yen per subject, and 4,400 yen each should one takes more than two subjects at a time.


Prior to the CFP® certification being issued, one is required to meet a minimum of three years of qualifying practice experience requirement within the period of ten years before and/or CFP® certification date after successful completion of all subjects of the CFP® certification examination.


A candidate is required to sign a declaration to abide by the Code of Ethics for CFP® certificants and the JAFP Ethical Principles prior to the CFP® certification being issued, and again at the time of the renewal which is every two years.

CFP Marks

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) owns , CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® outside the United States. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board) owns the CFP marks in the U.S. and its territories. Each organization is responsible for establishing, enforcing and promoting standards for CFP® certification to benefit and protect the public in its territory. Japan Association for Financial Planners is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in Japan, through agreement with FPSB. Only CFP certificants are authorized to use the following trademarks.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(spelled in Japanese Katakana characters)®