JAFP's Activities for Financial Planners

Certification (CFP® certification and AFP certification)

JAFP considers the "4 Es" as the cornerstones of the certification for a financial planner, and the "6-Step Process" as the guidelines for financial planning practices. To be granted a certification as a financial planner by JAFP, one must fulfill the requirements that are established by the organization.

Continuing Education and Certification Renewal

Financial planners certified by JAFP are required to renew their certification every two years by fulfilling 30 credit hours of continuing education for CFP® certificants and 15 credit hours for AFP certificants.
Financial planners must be aware and learn consistently changing life and money related issues, and must continuously improve their practice skills to meet the consumers' needs.

Journal of Financial Planning (monthly magazine)

This Japanese version of Journal of Financial Planning is published in Japan under an agreement with FPA. This publication includes financial planning news from the U.S., the leading nation in financial planning, as well as domestic information comprising opinions of experts and scholars from various fields, survey data, information on laws and regulations and their implications in practice, and information on various types of seminars and continuing educations.

"My Page" (Members Only website)

This members only website provides various types of essential information for financial planners in timely manner.

FP Fair (JAFP Annual Conference)

Each year, JAFP holds an FP Fair in several cities, which consists of keynote session, special lecture and member networking event. FP Fair is an excellent opportunity for financial planners to listen to top-level professionals, catch up with latest developments, and network and exchange ideas among peers.

JAFP Ethical Principles

CFP® and AFP certificants must sign a declaration to abide by the JAFP Ethical Principles prior to the certification being issued and again at the time of the renewal every two years. Financial planners must recognize and maintain rigorous professional responsibilities in handling clients' private information and matters affecting their lives.

Professional Practice Skills Improvement

JAFP provides members seminars to improve their professional practice skills such as Professional FP Training Courses and Residency courses to advance their careers to improve the social status of CFP® and AFP certifications.