JAFP's Activities for Consumers

Personal Finance Education

With the purpose of supporting consumers improve their financial well-being and live better lives, JAFP offers various activities such as providing Personal Finance education to the general public, conducting the "National Elementary School Essay Contest for Secrets to Have Dreams Come True", publishing Financial Planning textbooks and Personal Finance education booklets, and providing information through JAFP website. JAFP places articles and advertisements in newspapers, magazines and other media, explaining the meaning and usefulness of financial planning.

FP Forum

JAFP regularly offers free seminars to the public conducted by financial planners or experts in related fields, and provide opportunities for consumers to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of financial planning, and learn more about their own lives and money. JAFP has designated the first Saturday of every November as "FP Day" since 2004 and holds a series of free seminars and consultations on life and money to the public by financial planners at 50 chapters in every prefecture throughout the month.

CFP® Certificants Search System

CFP® Certificants Search System on the JAFP website is available to the consumers who are seeking consultation for their lives and money. By entering their location and the available language/ your consultation topic(s), etc., the site generates a list of CFP® certificants. Consumers are also able to view detailed profiles of individual CFP® certificants.

FP Public Relations Center (telephone consultation conducted by CFP® certificants)

How can I consult with a financial planner? How should I apply financial planning? What do I have to do to become a financial planner? The center welcomes these questions and other inquiries. The Center provides information on financial planning seminars and refers lecturers/speakers.

Domestic Toll free number: 0120-211-748 [domestic only]

Life and Money Financial Planning Consulting Center (face-to-face consultation conducted by CFP® certificants)

JAFP has also set up the "Life and Money Financial Planning Consulting Center" both in Tokyo head office and Osaka office. The Center provides free 50-minute financial planning consultation to the public. This "one-time only" service provides opportunities for consumers to experience what a financial planning consultation is like.