One of activities that JAFP focuses on is "to publish financial planning related publications". Our current publications are categorized in the following three areas depending on their purposes and whom we are targeting; 1) Journal of Financial Planning to our members, 2) Financial Planning Textbooks, Exam Question Books and related publications, and 3) Personal Finance Education Booklets. All are published in Japanese.

[1] Journal of Financial Planning

Journal of Financial Planning

This Japanese version of Journal of Financial Planning is published in Japan under an agreement with FPA. This publication includes financial planning news from the U.S., the leading nation in financial planning, as well as domestic information comprising opinions of experts and scholars from various fields, survey data, information on laws and regulations and their implications in practice, and information on various types of seminars and continuing educations

[2] Financial Planning Textbooks, Exam Question Books, and related publications

These publications may be purchased online, via mail order, or at the major bookstores.

FP Textbook
(6 book series - based on CFP® certification education curriculum)

FP Textbook

The textbooks are for those who are going to sit for the CFP® certification examination or wish to expand/improve their knowledge and skills. Published separately in 6 subjects including "Personal Finance", "Financial Asset Planning", "Real Estate Investment Planning", "Risk Management", "Tax Planning" and "Estate and Business Succession Planning". They are revised annually.

CFP® Certification Exam Question Book (6 book series)

CFP Certification Exam Question Book

The past CFP® Certification Exam questions and answers along with explanations in 6 series separated by subjects including "Financial Asset Planning", "Real Estate Investment Planning", "Life Planning and Retirement Planning", "Risk and Insurance", "Tax Planning", and "Estate and Business Succession Planning"

How to Write Recommendation

How to Write Recommendation

Definitions and key areas of developing recommendations are covered with sample recommendations. Various data are provided at the end of the book to utilize as tools.

Introduction to Financial Planning for Students

Introduction to Financial Planning for Students

Financial planning basics plus 6 areas of studies are systematically covered, and shows how to write recommendations for clients.

Personal Finance
- Theory and practice for financial planning professionals(Book 1 and 2)

Personal Finance

How do financial planners in the U.S. capture clients’ heart and proceed to build relationship with them ? These books, written by Dr. Lewis J Altfest and translated by Japan Academic Society for Financial Planning (JASFP), help financial planners to understand personal finance theory, and learn how to apply it to their practices.

[3] Personal Finance Education Booklets

These booklets are used at FP Forums held by the JAFP Blocks and Chapters for consumers, free of charge. The booklets may be purchased by individual.

Financial Planning - Let's Start Today

Financial Planning - Let's Start Today

A brochure for clients and consumers. It explains what financial planning and planner are, in an easy to understand format.

Life and Money Workbook - Think about life planning with financial planners

Life and Money Workbook

A booklet that helps readers grasp their current financial status by entering their personal financial information, with utilizing graphs and charts as references. Worksheets are attached.

Let's Start Retirement Planning Now - Start Thinking about Second Life from 50's

Let's Start Retirement Planning Now

This introductory booklet helps those who are approaching their retirement age to plan their retirement and cash flow management. Worksheets are attached.

Money & Life Plan from 60's - Your Life Style Adjustment

Money & Life Plan

This booklet is targeted to those who are in 60’s and are facing the retirement to help plan their life style changes and to provide fundamental the financial related information for secure retirement.

These booklets are not for sale, but online files are available.

Let's Make Good Use of Housing Asset – Preparation for Life After Retirement

Let's Make Good Use of Housing Asset

When you image your life after retirement, you must be concerned about money after all.
This booklet explains about 3 ways of preparing for the money to live after retirement by utilizing your house in easy-to-understand manner.

Life & Money Guidebook for Your Security - Preparation for Disasters

Life & Money Guidebook

A handy guidebook that explains what needs to be done to financially prepare for natural disasters, and what steps to take after disaster strikes to rebuild one' s livelihood.

Make My Dreams Come True - Financial Planners: Supporters of Your Life Planning

Make My Dreams Come True

An animated reference text for Elementary School Essay Contest for "Make My Dreams Come True".
The book is to provide children and their parents' awareness of the importance of financial planning and explain the financial planning profession.

These booklets are used to promote personal finance education for high school and college students. These are distributed to public and private schools, free of charge. They may be purchased by individual.

Personal Finance for Teens
- Knowledge of Money and Personal Finance for Adulthood(Textbook)

Personal Finance for Teens

For high school students. It consists of 10 chapters addressing the nature of money: "learning about money", "how to spend money", "how to earn money", "how to save and accumulate money", "how to borrow", and etc.

Personal Finance for Teens
- Instructor's Manual (DVD is attached)

Personal Finance for Teens

Published as the instructor's manual for the textbook "Personal Finance for Teens". "Our Personal Finance" DVD is attached to assist teaching.

Expenses for University and Scholarship

Expenses for University and Scholarship

For high school students who plan to go to university or college. This booklet explains financial plan to go to university, types and traits of the scholarships and its repayment so that you can acquire the basic knowledge regarding scholarships.

Money & Career for Students - A Useful Handbook!

Money & Career for Students

For college students in all fields. It consists of five key areas for their college years and future about money and career. An easy to follow and understand format and design

Money & Life Plan for New Graduates and Young Adults - A Useful Handbook!

Money & Life Plan for New Graduates and Young Adults

For new graduates and young adults. An easy to follow and understand format and designed handbook. It provides the new graduates and young adults basic knowledge and the way of thinking about budgeting and savings, as well as preparing for the three major life time expenditures (children's education, housing and retirement).