JAFP's History

Year Month Events
1987 November Japan Association for Financial Planners (JAFP) was established.
1990 January JAFP established a financial planning certification examination.
1992 May JAFP introduced the CFP® Certification Program in Japan after signing the Licensing/Affiliation Agreement with Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (formerly International Board of Certified Financial Planners).
Member's certification was changed to AFP Certicitation.
1993 May First CFP® Certification Examination was held.
1994 May JAFP hosted International CFP Council for the first time.
December First Annual Conference "FP Fair" was held.
1995 March Free consultations (first Pro Bono work) were provided for consumers who were affected by the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to assist recovery from the disaster.
1996 July Noboru Makino was appointed as a Chair.
1997 November First FP Forums, to promote financial planning to consumers, were held at 13 cities.
1999 February First Journal of Financial Planning was published.
August "FP Public Relations Center" to provide free telephone consultations was established.
2000 March Japan Academic Society for Financial Planning (JASFP) was established.
2000 ~ 2001 Establishment of 8 blocks and 47 chapter offices throughout Japan to promote financial planning based on regions.
2001 May JAFP individual members exceeded 100,000.
July JAFP re-established itself as a Specified Non-profit Organization.
2002 June JAFP was assigned as an examination body to provide Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
2003 February First Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning Examination was held.
2004 April Hokkaido chapter was divided into four, resulting in a total of 50 chapters throughout Japan.
July Hiroshi Kato was appointed as a Chair.
November "FP Day" was established, having total support from the Financial Services Agency, and FP Forums were held throughout Japan.
"Life and Money Financial Planning Consulting Center" was established in Tokyo headquarter.
2005 April CFP® certification programs at the Masters level were launched at graduate schools.
2006 May JAFP individual members exceeded 150,000.
2007 March First "Practice and Ethics Program for CFP® Certification" was conducted.
August First National Elementary School Essay Contest for "Make My Dreams Come True" was held.
2009 March "Personal Finance Instructor" framework was implemented to provide personal finance education to high school students.
2010 September JAFP established personal finance education guidelines: "Personal Finance Education Standards."
2011 January JAFP started to hold the Third Grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning Examination.
A new content "Life & Money Quiz" was introduced on JAFP website.
May~ JAFP started to provide free consultations and memorial seminars to support consumers who were affected by the East Japan Earthquake.
2012 July Toshiharu Shirane was appointed as a Chair.
2013 May JAFP started to provide “Financial Cocierge” to hospitals following the report from the Aging Society and Financial Services Working Group of the FSA’s Public-Private Roundtable
June The Group of the Promotion for Financial Education (Secretariat: the Central Council for Financial Services Information) was established by the Financial Services Agency, and JAFP was appointed as one of its member organizations.
August JAFP established the Mid-to Long-term Business Plan.
September JAFP established "Competency Map for CFP® and AFP Practitioners".
2015 April CFP® certificants exceeded 20,000.
JAFP started to dispatch CFP®/AFP certificants to local governments with the cooperation of the regional chapters to support the poor and needy in accordance with the Law to Support Self-Reliance by Citizens Living in Poverty.
July JAFP started to dispatch CFP®/AFP certificants to vocational schools for "Academic Support Advice" as requested by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
September In collaboration with the Financial Services Agency, the Tokyo Metropolitan Comprehensive Consumer Center and the other organizations, the consultation event, "That’s what I want to know ! Future Life Planning" was held in Tokyo.
October JAFP was assigned to the business operator of "Cultivation of Experts to Vitalize Existing Home Market" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and provided the consultation services to consumers by CFP® certificants and professional training courses to foster the experts.
2016 March JAFP published the report regarding the activities which CFP®/AFP certificants can support or JAFP is required for steady accumulation of Japanese household assets (e.g. Developing policies to enhance the financial literacy of Japanese citizens, which enlightens them on appropriate financial actions).
May Seminars and networking party to commemorate JAFP 30th Anniversary were held in Sapporo. , followed by Sendai, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka through February 2018.
2017 July~ Japan Student Services Organization (Jasso) launched "Scholarship Advisor Program" to dispatch financial planners to high schools in accordance with the establishment of financial need-based scholarship (non-refundable) system and JAFP was outsourced the management of the training program for "Scholarship Advisor". Approximately 2,600 JAFP members were certified as "Scholarship Advisor" and started to be dispatched by Jasso since December.
September JAFP released "Life & Money Quiz" application software for smartphone for the purpose of advancing financial literacy and increasing the awareness of financial planning.
2018 April JAFP established the Second Mid-to Long-term Business Plan.
May JAFP individual members exceeded 200,000.
2019 August JAFP created a new catchphrase (“household budget strategy in 100-year life”) and logo to promote CFP®/AFP Certification.