AFP Certification

The AFFILIATED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and AFP certification as a domestic credential distinguishes competent financial planners who constantly improve knowledge and skills through continuing education. AFP certification is also the first step towards eligibility to obtain CFP® certification, a globally recognized credential.

  • 1. 

    AFP certificants are required to have fundamental interview skills needed to assist clients in creating a financial plan, and have the knowledge to implement the plan.

  • 2. 

    AFP certificants are required to have basic yet broad knowledge regarding life plans, finance, securities, insurance, pensions, loans, real estate, taxation, and etc.

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    AFP certificants are required to possess knowledge about basic economics, law, and taxation.

  • 4. 

    AFP certificants are required to place their clients' interest first.

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    AFP certificants are required to possess appropriate education and knowledge as professionals to serve the society.

AFP Certification Requirement


The AFP certification program is offered by the registered educational institutions based on the JAFP core curriculum "Study Guide" either in-class or by distance learning. A candidate is required to earn a minimum of 68 credit hours and write financial planning recommendations which must meet the minimum standards that is established by the organization. Completion of the education program is a requirement to sit for the 2nd-grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning examination. Required subjects: eight subjects with minimum of 68 credits hours

  • 1. 

    General Principles of Financial Planning

  • 2. 

    Financial Asset Planning

  • 3. 

    Real Estate Investment Planning

  • 4. 

    Life Planning and Retirement Planning

  • 5. 

    Risk and Insurance

  • 6. 

    Tax Planning

  • 7. 

    Estate and Business Succession Planning

  • 8. 

    Writing Financial Planning Recommendations

  • There is no age limit to attend the AFP certification program or sitting for the AFP certification examination, however, an applicant is required to submit the proof of the completion of required education, or equivalent academic achievement.
  • The AFP certification program course must be a minimum of one month long for both in-class and distance learning, however, one is required to complete the course within one year after starting it. The duration and credit hours differ at each registered educational institution.
  • A student is required to register their personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, and etc. with JAFP through an educational institution.

Continuing Education

AFP certificants must fulfill 15 credit hours of continuing education requirement every two years that meet the required topics based on the "Study Guide" which include a minimum of three credit hours in the area of "Professional Practice and Ethics" subject. Continuing education is offered through "My Page", which is the JAFP's Members Only website, Journal of Financial Planning, and by the registered educational institutions.


A candidate is required to pass the 2nd-grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning examination. The exam consists of a two-hour knowledge-based and a 90-minute practice-skill examinations. The costs are 4,200 yen and 4,500 yen respectively.


A candidate is required to sign an agreement to adhere to the JAFP Bylaws, the Ethical Principles, and the Rules of Conduct.

AFP Marks

AFFILIATED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, and AFFILIATED FINANCIAL PLANNER (spelled in Japanese Katakana characters)® are registered trademarks of the Japan Association for Financial Planners.
AFP certificants are authorized to use the following AFP marks.

AFFILIATED FINANCIAL PLANNER(spelled in Japanese Katakana characters)®